Introduction to New Series: Interviews with Dr. Doug Hartman

Have you ever been able to sit down with a faculty member with a great reputation and asked them questions about their career? I was able to do this because of a “Faculty Profile” assignment in my Scholarly Communications in the Digital Age course which is “an online course for graduate students interested in the ways technology influences research, writing, publication, and academic career development.

I chose to interview Dr. Doug Hartman and do a write up about it. I’ve decided to do a 9 part blog series in the next 9 weeks. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed interviewing and getting to know Dr. Hartman. Part 1 is called “Ripping Bibles” and it gives a glimpse into how Doug’s childhood experience influenced the trajectory in the decades of research and teaching that followed. 

I want to thank Dr. Doug Hartman for the kind permission to share the contents of this interview.

Author: Dave

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