Pause Point

Today, I would like to conclude this short series on my mental health journey by saying thank you, again, for tracking along with me, your encouraging messages, your support, prayers, and your love. It means the world to me. Some of you have been in this with me for the long haul. Namely, my parents, my brothers, close friends of ours, and most of all my wife, Lindsay. I certainly wouldn’t be here without you and am so grateful for your love.

Of course, the journey still continues. I will post with more updates from time-to-time on this blog under this new “mental health” category which will add further to this series going forward. But for now, I want to conclude these initial background entries with a critically relevant TED talk I watched yesterday by Lori Prichard who:

“…walks us through her husband’s struggle with depression that ultimately led him to take his own life. It was a struggle in which he suffered entirely alone having hidden his depression from those he loved. Lori shares the lessons she learned and the journals she found after her husband’s death that gave her a window into how he was trying to fight off what he called ‘the bully in my brain.'”

YouTube Video Description

There are lessons in this video that are important for us all to take note of.

Lori Prichard’s TEDx Talk

If you are struggling with common signs of depression you are not alone and it isn’t too late to seek help from doctors, counselors, therapists, and other professionals whose job it is to get you to that very help you need. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Not getting help is the riskiest and worst thing you can do for yourself and for those around you. A good place to get help is to start by calling 1-800-273-8255, going to their website, or beginning a chat session there.

Take care of yourself and those around you,

💚 -Dave

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2 thoughts on “Pause Point”

  1. One of our specific prayers is for you and Lindsay. We are excited to hear of your plans and hearing of your love for her.

  2. Freud, more than 100 years ago, proved to be right on this point: Denial makes everything worse. His contemporaries, Jung and Adler, restated this maxim-in-principle in their own way: For Jung, the real devil(s) of Mental Illness are not the depression nor anxiety, but rather the facade Persona propped up to cover over and further hide the Shadow; drop the facade – face the shadow (which, for him, CANNOT be done alone). For Adler, the tension between the pull of our unconscious against our conscious ego is the root of cognitive dissonance, and thereby the source of one’s mental/emotional pain. For him, ignorance is NOT bliss. Therefore, not knowing how the dynamics of our childhood relationships, especially those in our family-of-origin, shaped our personality leaves one, at best, confused about oneself, and at worst, writhing in agony under the weight of one’s unknown, yet-to-be-illuminated true self. The bible is so clear about rebirth being necessary, and often we see a re-naming of the reborn person concomitant with that rebirth. I’ve often wanted to change my name, too, to further remind myself and those around me that I am no longer, really, who I once was. Not anymore. And to the extent, DAVIE, that you have been reborn, perhaps a new name is in order. And I would suggest we take on childhood nicknames, because Jesus said – unless you become like these little ones, you cannot experience heaven. What is it that children do when they are sad, lonely, scared, worried, etc? They cry out, immediately, for anyone nearby to hear them. I think we can all imagine how dangerous – psychologically and biologically – it would be for children to suppress this instinct. They would surely die in some cases. And so it is with us. Unless we cry out when we are in pain, unless we open ourselves immediately to anyone nearby who can help us, we will surely make everything worse. This blog is a testament to the fact that you are not the old Dave, Davie. See ya ’round, kiddo. – Jamie.

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