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People called me ‘Davie’ in high school. I asked them to. Honestly, there were so many ‘Davids’ and ‘Daves’ everywhere I went that it was hard to know who was talking to who at any given moment. So, I chose the name ‘Davie’ so that I would know when someone was talking to me. It stuck. Now, whenever I hear someone call me Davie, I can predict fairly accurately that they are from my hometown.

Ok, so, what does this have to do with anything?

Stick with me…

I mentioned yesterday that I have taken a new approach to my New Year’s resolutions related to improving my mental health and overall wellbeing. Well, this new approach isn’t all that novel or innovative in any way, except that it is not anything I have ever tried before. It is composed of three main things: 1) tracking progress, 2) making it public, and 3) aiming for a clear target.

For example, as mentioned in the “Green Days” post, I began establishing a new morning routine each day and am tracking each routine item in a spreadsheet. I’ve never done that before. I also began this blog series as a way to make my progress (or lack thereof) public. This helps keep me even more accountable than I am to my accountability partners.

Lastly, I am aiming for a clear target this year in that I signed up for a 5k race in June. When I told Lindsay about it, she wanted to sign up too. Because the race has options for kids’ fun runs, we decided to make it a whole family affair. I’m so glad because I can use all the extra motivation I can get. Running has never been something that has come easy for me at all. It makes it easier to not go at it alone.

The race we chose to sign up for is called the Max’s Race for the Davie’s Project on MSU’s campus on Saturday, June 26th, 2021. Of course, I am not the actual ‘Davie’ in the name of the race, but it did make me smile. I have yet to learn the story behind the race name, but we do know that the proceeds from the event will support free round-trip rides to medical appointments for children facing serious health challenges.

As a family, our goal is to raise $1,000. With your help, I think that is totally doable, don’t you? If so, you can donate to this cause on our running as a family fundraising page. Thank you, in advance, for your support and generosity.

As always, thank you for tracking along with me on this journey.

Author: Dave

LX Designer, entrepreneur & change agent. Immersed in collaborations that improve learning & working environments. Sometimes, I go fishing.

4 thoughts on “The Davie’s Project”

  1. You have our full support Dave. Your goals are smart and good accountability is in place. You are clearly doing your part in this uphill battle.

  2. The Davies Project is a wonderful local organization that helps families of kids who need to get to doctor’s appointments but struggle to do so (financially, don’t have car, public transit isn’t an option). The drivers are local volunteers (my Dad is one) and they pick kids and their adults up, take them to appointments, and then return them home safely. The organization ( is name after Dr. Davies (he’s amazing!). This organization is 100% needed and amazing. They align with the Goodrich values completely. I am excited that Davie G can support The Davies Project 🙂

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