20 Days. No apology.

It has been 20 days since my last post. I feel like I am in confession, but you know what… I am not sorry. No, I am glad that I have not had time to post to my blog because I have had a great 20 days. Lindsay and I vacationed and I made good use of my vacation time between classes this lovely summer. So, THERE!

No, really it does bother me how often I read blog posts that start off saying how long it has been since the last post and apologizing to the readers as if they were anxiously awaiting a new post from the blogger. In my experience, it has not worked that way. No, rather as a vast consumer of many blogs I would prefer the writer to not write at all unless they had something profound or meaningful to say and the apology is usually unneeded. For this reason, I refuse to apologize on the premise that you really don’t care… and you know what? That is ok.