Bachmann: how to suck at religion!

“Before you speak to me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people.”

brazil, christ, statue icon“Before you speak to me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people.”

Bruni (2012) rightly questions the “Christian” label we so freely attribute to those like Bachmann who so freely exercise practices that are so clearly against everything Christ taught and exemplified. Bachman and others like her should be exposed for the ignorant fear that drives their political careers so that we don’t ignorantly let them into office to lead us likewise.

The Divine Miss M –

On a lighter note (or maybe not), The Oatmeal Blog does an outstanding job giving advice to all of humanity on how to not suck at your religion. It is definitely worth a read, a laugh and a contemplation or two.

Reflections on “I Blame Brangelina: the Idea of Celebrity and Human Trafficking” – Brent Cline (Focus 2012)

We don’t want the skills of the celebrity, we want the benefits. We worship celebrity, not excellence. Celebrity gives the illusion of deep connection. We equate reality through the sense of normalcy we develop from multimedia imagry. What is happening to us when we do this?

Celebrity association with massive scale human rights issues pulls us away from engaging and redeeming issues of human justice toward an idea of normalcy portrayed by the actor.

We consume celebrity (dehumanizing).

We associate less with human rights issues (dehumanizing).

These things cause narcissistic behavior.

“When we do something selfish with the veneer of selflessness.”

“Awareness” is not the same as action.

It is not an argument that celebrity should not be doing this, but that we would do well to be aware of what is truly going on when they do.

Is greed that drives human trafficking the same motivation for those who stand against it?

If you engage with all issues around the globe, you will simply burn out and become cynical really quickly.

“Right living in your own community and respecting the other in your own community is not just a drop in the bucket, it is the premise of all other social change.”

Awareness can result in paralysis. The goal should be to identify and respect the other as in the image of God.

No vengeance is allowed in our religion.

-Professor/Sage Brent Cline

a prayer for my community

a prayer for my community

This image was uploaded by n1colas to with a royalty free license. Abba in undetectable dimensions,

You are the one that we long to know and learn from.

Please make yourself known to us today in new and fresh ways.

And when we know you in these new and fresh ways, may that knowledge perculate into our new hearts and become radiant by the demonstrable love of our external lives.

May you give us eyes to see your provision in our lives. May you, in your grace, provide what we need, no more, and no less, so that we never forget our daily dependence on this grace.

Help us forgive as you do and so save us from ourselves, the world, and the evil forces that seek to destroy what you are doing and creating in and through us, even today.

Do all this for the sake of your reputation in the world, we plead.