If Trump Led Our Public Universities…

Red wall iconLet’s build a wall in education.

No-one can be admitted unless they meet our carefully crafted requirements.

The ones who don’t get through we will make pay for it.

That way we can only admit the people who are like us so that we can make more and more of us and trample out the masses.

…or let’s not.

Bridge icon

Instead, we will build bridges for the brilliant and beautiful public.

We will work toward setting them up for success so that they can learn from us and we from them.

Sure, it will be messy work and hard work, but it is our job as a public university. It is what we are payed to do by the public we serve. We will likely even have to actually pay for the bridge construction.

But which kind of learning organizations do you think will make a better world?

Ones with walls? Or ones with bridges?

These are the questions we face in our organizations.

Spartan helmetI am proud of being part of a public university reputedly building bridges. #SpartansWill

Truly and astonishingly, these are the questions we face in our world, today.

(I probably goes without saying, but anything I post on my blog having anything to do with politics or opinions in general are not and should not be considered a representation of any organization I work for, but are my own alone). 

Web Equation

A tool I found for writing out equations and getting results.

20, Math, Openofficeorg icon | Icon Search Engine | Iconfinder http://goo.gl/nI3mn
I want to share this tool I came across the other day that allows you to write out your math equations, calculations, or chemical formulas and instantly get the MathML, LaTex, WolframAlpha, or SymbolTree goods translated.

I haven’t yet tried it to see how it works on an iPad, but it seems like it would really be a nice tool for STEM faculty who use tablets? Thoughts?

Here it is. It is the tool on the lower left called “Web Equation”.

Wasteful Fear

This is a song I wrote to any preacher of the status quo or of a viewpoint that is closed minded & ignorant. It is a call to a better voice.

This is a song I wrote to any preacher of the status quo or of a viewpoint that is closed minded & ignorant. It is a call to a better use of their voice.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQnk_5clrSA]


I used to scoff at those who I deemed utterly dependant on air conditioning. clouds, sun, weather icon

Consider this a confession and an anonymous apology to the general public. I now count myself among you and I judge you no longer.

Damn heat.

Of course, it is funny, isn’t it, that we so look forward to it in the blisteringly cold winter?

In either case, I am grateful for heat and air conditioning.

Rose City

I have grown to love Jackson dearly.

The other day, I was caught by surprise by a Jeopardy question highlighting this great city I have lived in for the past 6 years. These days, not many people refer to Jackson as the “Rose City”, at least in the circles I am a part of.

Regardless, it was fascinating to contemplate our city in light of such a positive image on a national stage. It often seems that we get regrettably associated just with housing the state prison.

But, this “Rose City” idea made me wonder.

Did my own great-grandfather play an unprecedented role in achieving such a reputation for our city?

You see, my great-grandfather retired years ago as the head gardener for our beloved Ella Sharp Park. This was the reason why my wife and I chose to get married there.

From the stories told to me by my grandmother it sounds like people would travel great distances from around the mid-west to see my great-grandfather’s extravagant gardens along with the acclaimed Cascade Falls.

You can see the pride in my grandmother’s eyes as she shared these stories with my wife and I.

I continue to share grandma’s pride much like I share her hair color.

I am told that in those days the gardens were apparently far more elaborate than they continue to be today. The Cascades had neither unsightly cement walls or entrance fees.

What will Jackson be known for to our great-grandchildren?
Will things improve for them?
Will they only hear stories of glory days?

Jacksonopolis is an significant experiment geared toward answering these questions with pride.

This article was written by David J. Goodrich who is a freelance writer for Jacksonopolis and has lived in Jackson since 2006 when he began teaching P.E., high school science, and then did instructional design at Spring Arbor University. He joined the Virtual University team at Michigan State in January of 2012 as an eProducer.

In his spare time, David teaches oceanography courses through Michigan Virtual University and enjoys being a musician, photographer, and blogging about pedagogical uses of technology.

You can connect with David on Twitter, Facebook or Google+!

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