birdThe other day we were at a rummage sale and found a Bluebird house that a man carved and we decided to pick it up to nail onto our deck. Instead of Bluebirds we have Carolina Wrens which is cool too. They certainly chirp a lot in the morning right outside our window.

I have been sitting on the deck in the morning with a cup of joe and the wrens are starting to get used to me I hope. At the same time, I think I make them pretty nervous. Soon, I hope that we can sit on the deck together, me and wren.

re-charge goodness

feetThis past weekend was one where Lindsay got to spend extended time at home rather than traveling somewhere. We spent our time cleaning, reading, playing boccie ball, sitting in our living room talking, listening to great music, attending a wedding, napping, biking, and taking photographs. I have no complaints.

Now, before I start painting a picture that seems to hint that life is perfect and we are free from stress, trouble, hardship, tension or struggle would be far from a truthful endeavor, but at the same time, I want to highlight the good and the moments that help us catch our breath, re-charge, and prepare for giving our full attention toward our responsibility to help make the world a better place to live.

This morning was an especially refreshing way to enter a new week as we woke up early and had ample time to read, make breakfast, pack lunches, brew coffee, breath deeply, listen to & call birds to our deck, connect with each-other & Creator, leave the house slowly and arrive to work with nothing pressing to think about from home. This was peace and joy for today.