How to use google voice for extremely easy on-the-fly podcasting:

Many online course instructors use announcements to communicate on a regular basis with the learners. Some instructors create introductions to modules using video, audio, or presentation tools. Leveraging google voice for “on-the-fly” podcasts allows instructors to be able to quickly and easily record their announcments so that learners can hear the announcement coming directly from their instructor to give the course a more personalized tone.

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Customer Service Confessions | an apology to the tech on the other end, but not to the boss

Yesterday, while on the phone with a certain support line for a certain company that shall remain nameless, I found myself to be more rude than I ever am to someone in person. Let me explain. You see, I have called this company many times in the past ten years over a multitude of issues.

These days, my patience really wears thin when I am routed through the automated navigations before I can actually talk to a human. By the time I finally do get to someone for whom english is not their native language, I have to re-iterate all the information that I have already given to the automated voice.

This makes me question why I needed to even submit it all in the first place in order to be routed to someone who can’t see that information.

What is even more frustrating to me is that I am passed along to about three more people, all of whom I have to reiterate the same issue (which takes a long time to explain).

Again, I have to repeat all my information with each new person in order to finally get to someone who can talk intelligently about the issue and recognize it as an issue without reading me some prescribed script that doesn’t at all address the issue at hand. This usually seems to take somewhere over the half-hour mark before I get to this point… every time.

Now, call me discourteous, but at that point I tend to be a bit firm on what it is that I am explaining and what it is that I need. I realize that over the years I have been gradually being more and more unfair to the tech who is now able to address the issue, but who couldn’t control my experience before I finally got to them.

Sometimes, I admit, I take out my frustrations with a faulty system on people who are just doing the best that they can in that system.

I’m sorry.