Reflections on “Measuring what makes life worthwhile” TED talk by Chip Conley

Recently, I watched this Measuring what makes life worthwhile TED Talk by Chip Conley for the second time.

Recently, I watched this TED Talk by Chip Conley for the second time. It was just that good.

In the talk, Conley challenges leaders to move beyond measuring for a 19th and 20th century industrial model for success which he suggests is being done with typical business metrics as well as larger GDP measurements.

Instead, he urges world leaders and business leaders alike to focus on a whole new happiness index derived from Buddhist philosophies. He supports this recommendation by providing a personal narrative that demonstrated the value of quantifying more meaningfully insightful data based on Maslow’s (1943) hierarchy of needs for his Joie De Vivre company.

Although Conley is honest about how these measurements are comparatively elusive to gauge, the results are compelling for the loyalty his researched practices generated from both his employees and clients alike.


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