a prayer for my community

a prayer for my community

This image was uploaded by n1colas to sxc.hu with a royalty free license. Abba in undetectable dimensions,

You are the one that we long to know and learn from.

Please make yourself known to us today in new and fresh ways.

And when we know you in these new and fresh ways, may that knowledge perculate into our new hearts and become radiant by the demonstrable love of our external lives.

May you give us eyes to see your provision in our lives. May you, in your grace, provide what we need, no more, and no less, so that we never forget our daily dependence on this grace.

Help us forgive as you do and so save us from ourselves, the world, and the evil forces that seek to destroy what you are doing and creating in and through us, even today.

Do all this for the sake of your reputation in the world, we plead.

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