Bill Hicks is Smart

“The late comedian Bill Hicks was once cornered outside a bar by some self-described Christians who didn’t like his Jesus jokes. When it became clear that they were threatening bodily harm, a thought occurred to him. He asked them if they were indeed Christians, and when they responded in the ambivalent affirmative, he borrowed a notion occasionally associated with their professed faith: ‘Well then, I have an idea. Forgive me!’ Thrown into confusion by this novel suggestion and the details of what they were so sure they were offended about, they glanced at one another uncomfortably and left. And Hicks gained more winning material for his routine. I think he was on to something.”

-Excerpt from “The Sacredness of Questioning Everything” by David Dark.

Author: Dave

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One thought on “Bill Hicks is Smart”

  1. This same scenario played out for Bill on several stop offs during his ‘UFO’ tour. One time the ‘Christians’ broke his leg.

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