Courageous Conversations @ Whitworth: Peter Rollins

in love you know you love someone when you miss them when they are present because they are like a universe or a black hole of infinite proportions with more to discover.

the idol is what you don’t have and want and when you get it you realize it doesn’t satisfy.

in love you get what you want, but it only calls you to go deeper when you realize you can’t own it.

we are like ships sunken in the ocean. the ocean contains all of the ship, but the ship only contains a portion of the ocean.

what we think is actually a cover for what we believe and that what we believe is actually hidden within our actions.

i can say i love animals, but if i participate in a cruel dairy system of practices, then i don’t really love animals.

i can say i don’t believe in child slavery, but if i participate in clothing, technology or chocolate systems of injustice, then i do believe in child slavery.

hitler was probably a lovely guy… his Facebook profile would have been very attractive. that is not the truth of his beliefs, it is hidden in his actions.

it is not about embracing cynicism or skepticism, it is about scrutinizing what we really believe.

admit our true selves in a community of grace that accepts you for who you are and mysteriously we begin to change and become more human (more like God’s image).

we need to become more human.


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