LearnDash – Could WordPress be a viable LMS?

So, I have always wondered about who might build a learning management component onto the existing WordPress platform.

LearnDASH LogoAbout five years ago, I had some kind friends help me to see the benefits of using WordPress as a platform for blogging and web design. I continue to find the interface of WordPress to be intuitive compared to other content management systems. The powerful plugins are also robust with an active developer community.

So, I have always wondered about who might build a learning management component onto the existing WordPress platform. There are many faculty who use it in their courses as a way to provide content to their students outside of a learning management system. In doing so, they also sacrifice native tools geared for learning like quizzes, discussion forums, and gradebook functions. This is why I have been recently really interested to hear about what has been developing over at LearnDash.

Besides having a great name similar to another one that I know, the LearnDash plugin is soon to be launching an LMS solution within WordPress. I am really eager to explore the course creation process, quiz creation process, certificate completion options, course scheduling features, user management integration with existing LMSs, learning analytics package, and even media hosting options.

What about you? Would you be interested in using LearnDash with any of your courses? What interests you about LearnDash? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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One thought on “LearnDash – Could WordPress be a viable LMS?”

  1. Hi-
    First, thank you for writing about LearnDash. As you probably know, we launched last Monday (Jan 28th). It has been exciting to see the adoption of the software, but even more exciting is what is yet to come.

    One of the biggest hurdles for people using WP as a true LMS are conforming to the industry standards for elearning. For years, this has been SCORM, but with tin-can api, this is now possible. In the upcoming weeks we will be building out this feature more fully. So, as users interact with the plugin on your site, their interactions are sent to a learning record store so you can analyze the data. What’s more, any courses developed with programs like Articulate Storyline will also be able to “talk” to the learning record store.

    Thanks again for writing about LearnDash!

    -Justin Ferriman
    Founder, LearnDash

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