My Green Building Envy

Last night I was watching a PBS special on the Green Building movement and how the most common sense approaches can go a long way to making energy costs easily be cut in half with thoughtful design. Facing windows south can itself lower costs near 30%!

I am so confused at the moment. I thought summer was on its way about a month ago or so, and right now it looks sunny, but it ain’t warm. Well, relatively to winter, it is really warm, but today I just feel flat out cold (isn’t it funny how quickly we adapt?).

Maybe it has something to do with the AC being pumped at work during the recent warm days so to the point of requiring me to use my space heater. Yep, you heard me correctly. Often, in the summer, it is so AC cold where I work that I have to use my space heater to keep myself at a working/functioning temperature. I have heard multiple reports that it is not just the office I am in on campus either.

Now, what a waste of tuition money if you ask me, but I have high hopes that crazy things like this will become amazingly embarrassing stories of the past for our society.

There was one building being demonstrated that uses no AC at all, simple tree shading, and morning attic air flow technology which resulted in a very comfortable temperature all day during the summer months. I just about threw up with jealousy.

Author: Dave

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