Phillip Fox @ Jackson Coffee Co.

Last Friday, Lindsay and I had the high privilege of treating ourselves to a free evening of amazing live music at the Jackson Coffee Co. by an artist named Phillip Fox. I took a short video of his amazing set so that you could get a peak into the experience.

If you ever see that he is playing again in the area, make sure to attend. You won’t be disappointed. You can check out his webpage here.

Author: Dave

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3 thoughts on “Phillip Fox @ Jackson Coffee Co.”

  1. I love the Jackson Coffee Co. I go to their music shows quite a bit. I missed the Fox show, but went this past Friday when Dave ?? from Illinois was there. Great venue to listen to music and get the best cup of coffee in Jackson. I hope they continue doing this. Lots of coffee houses come and go, but they seem to be doing well. With having the best coffee in Jackson, I suggest they’ll be staying around.

  2. I hope so too. I don’t go to the music, but get my coffee there every day. If we keep it local and avoid the chains, they have a better chance of making it. Although the place is always busy when I’m there, so that’s good. Coffee’s good too.

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