Should I use video for instruction or not? – things to consider

  1. Strengths of Video Usage for Instructional Puproses (Fenrich, 2005):
    1. Can help gain and hold attention 
    2. Motivates learners
    3. Aids with introduction of topics or procedures
    4. Helps give visual-aid for hard-to-explain content. 
  2. Limitations of Video Usage for Instructional Purposes (2005):
    1. Video is not good for large amounts of information. 
    2. Copyright can be costly, time-consuming, and difficult
    3. Can require large amounts of storage space for the digital files with streaming implications for bandwidth usage
    4. Highly costly and time-consuming to produce well with proper expertise and software/equipment


Fenrich, Peter. (2005). Creating instructional multimedia solutions. Informing Science.

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