Thanks, God for my wife and for our home. Thank You that it is a
loving home filled with laughter and honesty. Thank You for clothes on
my back and food in my belly. Thank You for freedom. Thank You for
friends and family who care deeply. Thank You for creation and the joy
it brings to experience it intimately. Most of all, thank You for your
Son, Jesus and the hope that He offers us through his shed blood on
the cross for our redemption and salvation.

Author: Dave

LX Designer, entrepreneur & change agent. Immersed in collaborations that improve learning & working environments. Sometimes, I go fishing.

One thought on “ThAnKsGiViNg”

  1. Speaking of Thanksgiving, Lois Kingsley will always remain in my memory for some very special words she wrote in a card to us several years ago. She said, “You have three wonderful sons who are the envy of any parent.” Now if that isn’t true!! And if as if that is not enough, we also have two daughters-in law who are equally represented in that comment.

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