Walmart as Environment for Spiritual Practice

So, I go to take the milk back yesterday and was able to get a refund on an in-store credit card. Cool. That made-up for it… I thought…

Last week, I purchased a gallon of milk from Walmart in Jackson, Michigan, where I live. While doing so, I noticed that the supercenter has been undergoing some major renovations. In the midst of them, there seems to be a few things neglected, I am afraid.

You see, the milk that I purchased was nearly expired and smelled like cheese as soon as I brought it home and opened it.

Why didn’t I look at the expiration date when I purchased it, you ask? Well, that is easy.

I was probably half asleep when I purchased it, as I usually am when I get around to picking up grub from the grocery store. It is usually a last minute endeavor.

So, I go to take the milk back yesterday and was able to get a refund on an in-store credit card. Cool. That made-up for it… I thought…

I then went to pick up 4 things:

  1. milk
  2. extension cord
  3. garbage bags
  4. hedge trimmer

All was fine and dandy until I got to number 4.

You see, there wasn’t a corresponding box for the trimmer I was interested in. So, I resorted to finding somebody to help me.

About 7 hours later, I found somebody who looked through all the boxes that I had just sorted through myself. Apparently, my eyes work too, but I understand.

After about another 7 hours of “checking in the back” they were unable to find a box for the product I needed.

Did I mention this isle was next to the fish tanks that were half empty and smelled like a mix between sweaty gym socks and rotten earthworms?

After I finally convinced them to sell me the floor model, they then had to find the price for the product (another 7 hours) and the packed away manual.

Finally, I was at the check-out! Did, I mention I came to pick up 4 items?

I needed to use the gift card from the returned milk and then pay the rest on my debit card.

Not too much to ask right?


14 hours later (sarcasm font) and with the help of four different employees at seemingly all different rankings, I was able to purchase the four items.

You could say that my inner-Jesus was being a bit suffocated in my high blood pressure and internal boiling in an attempt to stay calm and peaceful while the line began to grow to about a mile in length behind me.

Why so uptight, David? It is all good! Roll with it. You have all the time in the world to get to your lawn care which has been neglected for weeks on end before you move onto your nine-million other tasks for the day.

Not really, but I did walk away from that thinking that I could be more graceful to people who are simply trying to do their job in the midst of renovation and change themselves. This is especially after the employee who was helping me thanked me for my patience.

Now, if I can only get better of having internal patience like I apparently did on the outside. I think that is where it really counts.

My psychological health would probably concur.

Author: Dave

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