My wife is a giver.

Lindsay in front of a Christmas tree.
Lindsay in front of a Christmas tree.

She has been for as long as I’ve known her.

But 2020 made this more clear than ever.

Right now, in our garage, she has organized volunteers in our neighborhood to be an assembly line for creating Christmas luminaires that will be distributed throughout the block to be lit for Christmas Eve.

This is the kind of thing Lindsay likes to do.

And people come out of the woodwork and come alive to help her in it.

This morning, just like every Sunday morning for the past few weeks since we have been on another lockdown, she organized another game and Christmas activity for the boys and girls in our neighborhood who show up on our front lawn to participate.

For over a month, Lindsay has been having us sit down together as a family after dinner to work on Christmas carols together.

This was so that yesterday, we would be able to meet up with a long time family friend in her hometown to sing to him and to fellowship together over hot cocoa.

Every day, I am amazed by my wife and her love for our boys and for me.

She daily helps them get ready for school, prepares meals, helps them with their homework, has them do their chores, and gets them ready for bed all while being a dedicated mother, worker, and volunteer at their school, in our community and at our church.

These are just a few of the things she has done in recent weeks that have put a smile on people’s face in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

And she does it out of the sheer joy and love that is in her heart.

I just wanted to take a moment and put a spotlight on Lindsay to say how much she means to me and to recognize her for the saint and the inspiration that she truly is to so many of us.

Thank you, Lindsay.

We love you!

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